Jay Jay Burridge

Jay Jay Burridge studied fine art sculpture at Central Saint Martins College of Art where he acquired a name for himself making artworks on a grand scale. Notably a full scale Airfix style kit out of a real McLaren Formula 1 car and a 40’ long slot together self assemble dinosaur skeleton out of MDF wood. Upon leaving in 1994 he took over from the legendary Children’s TV presenter Tony Hart writing and co-presenting the TV show ‘Smart’ for the BBC. This grew into 3 spin of series, touring live shows, lines of merchandise, monthly magazines and annuals over 8 years. Returning to making artwork and his favourite subject matter, Jay spun a new twist on dinosaurs and devised / created their modern day decedents which he calls, the Supersaurs. These were first exhibited 2010 in a one man show in Beverly Hills LA. After this Jay collaborated with friend Jamie Oliver and created the Dinosaur Diner, a pop up restaurant situated in the heart of Piccadilly Circus. The next big instalment of Supersaurs comes in a very different form. Raptors of Paradise, released in March 2017, will be the first of six fully illustrated novels aimed at children but available for everyone who loves a thrilling adventure. The books traditional 2D illustrations can also ‘pop up’ and turn into moving digital 3D artworks through the accompanying app that utilises the latest augmented reality.